Saturday, February 09, 2008

Just Another Day

I woke up unusually early this morning. Especially for me, the perpetually late sleeper.

But I was actually up by 7am and already working on my latest assignment on the computer. I had to leave the house at 1pm for a client meeting, so I worked for a few hours, then made coffee and oatmeal. Fed the animals, did a couple loads of laundry. Showered, thought about coloring my gray roots first and then decided I was just pushing my luck time-wise. Tidied up a little (our house is a case-study in clutter at the moment). Let the Bug out. And then in. And then out again (repeat). Sent a few more work-related emails. Removed my cracked and peeling nail polish. Scratched the gray cat. Put on some make-up and tried to make my gray-rooted hair somewhat more presentable (I was not really successful in this pursuit). Organized all my work materials in manila folders and put the ones I needed in my bag for my forthcoming meetings. Scratched the alley cat.

Then, I made myself a sandwich (turkey and cheese) to eat in the car (washing my hands first, of course, after said cat scratching), grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water. Wrote down how many WW Points it all was (must stay on diet track!) and gave the Bug a treat and doled out yet another scratch before locking up and hitting the road for my meeting.

I arrived in plenty of time even with all the Friday afternoon, downtown Chicago traffic. Took care of business before heading back out into the rush hour traffic, arriving home about 6:15pm.

I let the Bug out again. Doled out more scratches and treats and doggy and kitty cat dinner all around. Emptied the dishwasher so I could get the dirty breakfast dishes (the ones I ran out of time to clean up earlier) into the dishwasher. Geared myself up for making dinner although I was famished and had no inclination to make the proposed tacos. Greeted Craze. Convinced him that we should go out for cheap and tasty Ethiopian food (as long as I would drive since he'd been driving all day). Went out for yummy foreign cuisine. Hit Target on the way home. Craze bought Wacky Packages (he's called Craze for a reason, people!). I bought some new underwear, on-sale cereal, tissues, kitty litter, coffee and replenished oatmeal supplies.

Drove home through the newly falling precipitation (a little like clear Mr. Misty hitting the windshield). Stopped at Dunkin' Donuts/31 Flavors on the way. I got a coffee with skim milk. Craze got an ice cream sundae with two kinds of ice cream, nuts, caramel sauce and whipped cream (Can I have his metabolism, please, please, please?).

Finally got home. Carried in the Target purchases. Took the Bug outside after being in the firing line of her attacking, body slamming, I'm-SO-HAPPY-to-see-you welcome. Put away all that stuff we bought (except for the SIX boxes of super-low priced cereal (AND I HAD COUPONS!)--still need to find a place for them.

Sat at the kitchen table. Wrapped a couple of birthday gifts. Retired with my remaining coffee to watch my Tivo'd soap (I'm secretly addicted to Days of Our Lives). Watched it, pausing to let the Bug out. And then in. And then out again for one last time.

Oh, yeh. Then let her back in again before locking up and heading upstairs for bed.

Checked email again. Got side-tracked from sleep by computer and started typing, "I woke up unusually early this morning. Especially for me, the perpetually late sleeper. . ."

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