Thursday, February 14, 2008

Soppy Love All Around

I have an unexpected day off from work on my top-secret consulting assignment. Hurray for me! So, it's off for a day of errands, tidying up and just enjoying the sunshine (even though it's still FREEZING!). The Bug will not be pleased when she figures out that I've booked her into the vets for her annual physical later this afternoon and a nail trim, but it had to be done. I just love my little Valentine dog (I found her in a shelter the day before Valentine's three years ago) and I need to keep her healthy because I'm really hoping that she'll live forever.

But enough soppy dog love. . .

On to my other big love, Craze gave me a very cute and thoughtful card this morning and we're off for some yummy but economical middle-eastern food tonight. Hummus, here I come. I'm also getting some kind of present. I'm guessing it's something I've already encouraged him to buy (i.e. picked it up and said "buy this for me for my birthday, V-day, X-mas, etc"). Could be the book about orchid care (I love them and have had several plants now for years), knitting (need a refresher course) or the new-fangled Fiestaware color (some shade of purple) that we found on clearance around Christmas time. Not sure what the present will be, so I guess that means it really will be a surprise.

Here's hoping that everyone out there shares in some of the happiness, love and hopefulness I'm feeling today. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ms. Mamma said...

Cool with the skates! Hope you have heavenly hummus and a wonderful Valentines!XOXO