Thursday, May 29, 2008

@ 10 weeks and 3 days

Back to the doctor today. Still have a couple little bleeds, but they are definitely better. Need to stay on my "being lazy" regime for baby's sake. Going in on Friday for some genetic testing to ensure all is ok.

Other than that a big laundry list of things going on (none of which covers actual laundry, unfortunately): Sink and toilets previously broken are fixed. Leaking bay window has now been deemed a roof problem not a window problem, so need to find and get roofing guy out here. Oh joy! Picky eater older relatives are now in the house, so I'm entertaining 24/7 with outings to Target, cable TV and a buffet of culinary blandness. Unexpected freelance opportunity has reared its ugly, though potentially profitable, head. Conference call tomorrow to discuss further.

Am bushed and need to hit the hay. Hurray--the most coveted part of the day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Breakdowns? Big Deal

Things are getting better but we seem to be going through a break-down phase. Our front bay window is still leaking even after two visits from the window guy. And after the fun of the upstairs toilet breaking a couple of weeks ago, now the downstairs bathroom sink is broken, ruined the sink cabinet and leaked rusty water all over the bathroom floor. It's safe to say that I feel like I have the plumber on speed dial.

And my far-away relatives arrive on Sunday.

I guess I should be stressed out but I figure it is what it is. Hopefully the plumber will show up today and fix the mess. If he doesn't, everyone will just have to wash their hands in the kitchen for the next few days. Big deal.

My house is pretty clean, finally, with just a few more organization, tidying up tasks to undertake and some grocery shopping to be done before the guests arrive.

Baby and I are doing good. I have been way less nauseous this week, so that has been a real blessing. I go back to the doctor again next week to see how things are going with my spotting which is still happening but getting much, much lighter. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon and I will be uterine-bleed free. Fingers crossed.

This week I keep hearing girl names I like (Matilda, Arabella). I already have a girl name I like, two in fact, but new ones keep cropping up. Boy names not so much. The way my luck is going I'll end up with the pink and brown nursery and cute baby named "Joe" because I just couldn't think of anything else and Daisy and Ingrid just wouldn't work. Craze just keeps coming up with absurd boy names. I can't remember the latest, but it was truly awful. And, if it's a girl, he says, we'll just call her Dave!

My husband is SO helpful.

One thing not breaking down this week: the stinky, big head foster dog. Bear got his one month follow-up exam post heart worm treatment and the vet pronounced him "as healthy as a dog that never had heart worm." Hurray! Potential adopters arrive to meet him tomorrow. I hope he will be on his best behavior and it will be love at first sight for both of them.

Here's wishing everyone a safe, happy and break-down free Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Smelly, Big Headed Dog Seeks Adoring Owner

Me and babe still hanging in and hanging out. I've been doing a teeny bit of cleaning around the house, but nothing strenuous, in preparation for my visitors this coming weekend. Craze has been a big help, so that has been great.

And speaking of the weekend, some people from the southern burbs and their pooch, Wilbur, are coming to meet the stinky, big headed dog. I just hope that 1) they are good, responsible pet owners (they are both educated people, teachers in fact, and our email conversations regarding the dog have been very promising) and 2) that they fall madly in love with His Smelliness and want to adopt him for real.

In a way, I feel bad not wanting to keep Bear, but I keep thinking it's like a relationship. I knew from the moment in the shelter when I saw him in real life that he wasn't the dog for me. I didn't get that "I-must-never-be-parted-from-you" feeling like I got the first time I saw the Bug and also my house. But that said, I did feel bad about the conditions he was living in and was happy to help him recover from heart worm in my nice, cozy house so that he could eventually find a family who would, indeed, fall in love with him forever.

I'm sure he's going to be so sad when he finally leaves us. But I'm just hoping, hoping, hoping that someone will love his smelly, big headedness the same way I love everything about my little black, Border Collie-ish Bug (like the way that when she needs a bath she starts smelling like a bag of Fritos Corn Chips). In the end, that will make the Bear the happiest, ex-homeless dog ever. And that's all I ever wanted really where that furry guy's concerned.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hanging Out with My Baby

Bed rest, but not. That's what my doctor told me to do yesterday on my first "official" pregnancy visit. All that's thanks to a couple bleeds in my uterus. I'm allowed to walk around (I don't have to literally lounge around in bed all day) but I'm not allowed to officially exercise or do anything the least bit strenuous (including sex). And I can't lift anything heavy (like grocery bags or laundry detergent).

My little baby is just 8 weeks and four days and is apparently just exactly the size it should be, but is considered "threatened" by the bleeding.

So, yours truly is slinking around watching soap operas and eating take out and feeling a little bit useless. Oh well. . .I do not want to have a miscarriage.

I'm also hot on the trail of finding a nice family for the stinky, big head foster dog. There he is above in all his "I was asleep, why'd you wake me?" glory. He really is the sweetest puppy. A couple of people are interested in adopting him through petfinder, but our leading candidate is my brother-in-law. He is a lonely bachelor living outside of DC desperately in need of a nice, friendly dog to keep him company. We're hoping he will take the bait so we can keep the Bear in the family. Time will tell.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everything Is Out of Whack

The couple of weeks have been pure craziness.

First off, I ended up bleeding and in the doctor's office. Two pelvic exams in three days showed everything to be ok with my teeny babe though--so, that was good. Then, just a few days later, Craze, who's only 41, had chest and left arm pain so we ended up in the emergency room at 10:45pm. I was with him until 4am when he was finally admitted. After three days in hospital and a barrage of invasive tests and cardiac drugs, he was found to be free of cardiac issues--thank god. But in the meantime, yours truly was exhausted and still nauseous.

Now neither of us are allowed to lift anything heavy and are supposed to be taking it easy. But in the meantime, we still have the stinky, big-head foster dog at home with our menagerie AND my aunt and uncle are coming to stay with us for over two weeks from England. They arrive in exactly 12 days. Oh brother. . .

This is leaving out the parts about the toilet leaking all over the floor the night Craze finally came home from the hospital and the resulting plumber visit plus the new leak from our bay window in the living room. Everything seems to be out of whack!

After several days last week of eating the cast-offs from Craze's hospital meal tray and some culinary delights from their cafeteria, I found myself craving fried chicken of all things and ended up eating KFC for three days and then throwing up while walking the stinky, big head dog. Out of whack, indeed!

Thankfully, I am feeling less nauseous today and more normal and am making every effort to eat my normal, healthy fare. I did some pre-visit cleaning around the house (in an effort not to leave everything to the last minute) and made appointments to fix the window and the toilet (which still isn't working right). Tomorrow, Craze and I have our first "official" sonogram and doc visit, though I did have a sonogram last week during my fun pelvic exam festivities. Fingers crossed that all is well and there's no fried chicken involved!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Food of the Day? Homemade Egg Salad

Maybe it's the protein? Though it smells and looks somewhat disgusting, it's a perfect nausea killer for me.

Other than keeping nausea at bay, I'm actually feeling better. More normal. Less exhausted. I'm hoping my consulting work gets busy again soon. I want to make as much $$$ this year as possible before baby time. I was just online looking at cribs and that stuff ain't cheap. Though, IKEA has a nice crib for $99--what a bargain!

I keep picking out baby boudoir stuff for a girl, so it will be a shocker if I have to revisit my mental design plans. I've always felt that if I had a child, it would be a girl. I even have a name I like. Just wait though. . .I'll probably find out before I know it that my pink and chocolate brown baby's room plans are up in smoke and I'll be going green (or yellow) instead of pink. I guess we'll find out soon enough but in the meantime it's a weird and exciting mystery.

Craze would like a boy. But with all brothers in his family (zero sisters) and the sole grandchild also male, I think it's time for a little lady in the Craze Clan. We shall see. If we have a girl, I think my mother-in-law (AKA, the Baby Stalker--that woman LOVES babies) just might combust from pure joy. That would be really fun to see.

7 weeks

Ahh, pregnancy. The past couple of weeks have passed in a haze of tiredness, naps and rampant, full-throttle nausea. I have begun to truly appreciate what the women of history have done in birthing all those babes--and I'm only at the beginning.

Smells really make me crazy. Especially the smell of Bear, our foster dog, who I have now taken to calling Stinky, Big Head. He's a lovely, deserving creature, but he has this lingering odor that we just can't get rid of. Craze and I bathed him again today (second bath in two weeks, not to mention the numerous wipings down with deodorizing dog wipes and I even brushed him down with baking soda a couple of times) and he still has a lingering fragrance that just gets right up my nose and makes me feel puky.

He has been with us now for two weeks and his health and temperament are much improved and we'll know in a couple of weeks if his heart worm has been eradicated. But it's hard for me to really warm to him because his smell drives me nuts. This would be fine if we were just keeping him for just a few more weeks until we find him a lovely new family. But I think there is a problem. . .I think Craze has fallen for someone else. Yes, it's true. And his name is Stinky, Big Head.

In addition to the too-many-pets-one-of-which-is-quite-smelly chaos of my home, my aunt and uncle are coming to stay with us from England for almost three weeks. And they'll be here in 2 weeks and 6 days. Before they come, we have a list of household chores longer than my right leg (and I'm tall, y'all) because we have been lax in our housekeeping and Craze's stuff has taken over. And I refuse to let them stay in our current guest room where it is very possible that they might be crushed in their sleep by a 8-foot shelf of disorganized comics and there's no proper ventilation. So, I've told Craze his giant mess of a CD room needs to become the guest room. In 2 weeks and 6 days. Yeah. . .we'll see if that happens.

In the meantime, I can't decide if it's time for bed, whether or not I should have some more cream of mushroom soup (one of the few foods I could eat this past week), or if I should just go throw up and get it over with. Decisions, decisions. . .