Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everything Is Out of Whack

The couple of weeks have been pure craziness.

First off, I ended up bleeding and in the doctor's office. Two pelvic exams in three days showed everything to be ok with my teeny babe though--so, that was good. Then, just a few days later, Craze, who's only 41, had chest and left arm pain so we ended up in the emergency room at 10:45pm. I was with him until 4am when he was finally admitted. After three days in hospital and a barrage of invasive tests and cardiac drugs, he was found to be free of cardiac issues--thank god. But in the meantime, yours truly was exhausted and still nauseous.

Now neither of us are allowed to lift anything heavy and are supposed to be taking it easy. But in the meantime, we still have the stinky, big-head foster dog at home with our menagerie AND my aunt and uncle are coming to stay with us for over two weeks from England. They arrive in exactly 12 days. Oh brother. . .

This is leaving out the parts about the toilet leaking all over the floor the night Craze finally came home from the hospital and the resulting plumber visit plus the new leak from our bay window in the living room. Everything seems to be out of whack!

After several days last week of eating the cast-offs from Craze's hospital meal tray and some culinary delights from their cafeteria, I found myself craving fried chicken of all things and ended up eating KFC for three days and then throwing up while walking the stinky, big head dog. Out of whack, indeed!

Thankfully, I am feeling less nauseous today and more normal and am making every effort to eat my normal, healthy fare. I did some pre-visit cleaning around the house (in an effort not to leave everything to the last minute) and made appointments to fix the window and the toilet (which still isn't working right). Tomorrow, Craze and I have our first "official" sonogram and doc visit, though I did have a sonogram last week during my fun pelvic exam festivities. Fingers crossed that all is well and there's no fried chicken involved!

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