Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hanging Out with My Baby

Bed rest, but not. That's what my doctor told me to do yesterday on my first "official" pregnancy visit. All that's thanks to a couple bleeds in my uterus. I'm allowed to walk around (I don't have to literally lounge around in bed all day) but I'm not allowed to officially exercise or do anything the least bit strenuous (including sex). And I can't lift anything heavy (like grocery bags or laundry detergent).

My little baby is just 8 weeks and four days and is apparently just exactly the size it should be, but is considered "threatened" by the bleeding.

So, yours truly is slinking around watching soap operas and eating take out and feeling a little bit useless. Oh well. . .I do not want to have a miscarriage.

I'm also hot on the trail of finding a nice family for the stinky, big head foster dog. There he is above in all his "I was asleep, why'd you wake me?" glory. He really is the sweetest puppy. A couple of people are interested in adopting him through petfinder, but our leading candidate is my brother-in-law. He is a lonely bachelor living outside of DC desperately in need of a nice, friendly dog to keep him company. We're hoping he will take the bait so we can keep the Bear in the family. Time will tell.

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Ms. Mamma said...

Hi Maggie! Don't feel useless! Your bod is very busy being very productive. I wouldn't risk anythiing. That must be scary and nerve wracking. I think you should seriously veg, watch alotta flicks and let everyone take care of you. I hope the Bear stays in the fam, too. XO