Friday, May 23, 2008

Breakdowns? Big Deal

Things are getting better but we seem to be going through a break-down phase. Our front bay window is still leaking even after two visits from the window guy. And after the fun of the upstairs toilet breaking a couple of weeks ago, now the downstairs bathroom sink is broken, ruined the sink cabinet and leaked rusty water all over the bathroom floor. It's safe to say that I feel like I have the plumber on speed dial.

And my far-away relatives arrive on Sunday.

I guess I should be stressed out but I figure it is what it is. Hopefully the plumber will show up today and fix the mess. If he doesn't, everyone will just have to wash their hands in the kitchen for the next few days. Big deal.

My house is pretty clean, finally, with just a few more organization, tidying up tasks to undertake and some grocery shopping to be done before the guests arrive.

Baby and I are doing good. I have been way less nauseous this week, so that has been a real blessing. I go back to the doctor again next week to see how things are going with my spotting which is still happening but getting much, much lighter. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon and I will be uterine-bleed free. Fingers crossed.

This week I keep hearing girl names I like (Matilda, Arabella). I already have a girl name I like, two in fact, but new ones keep cropping up. Boy names not so much. The way my luck is going I'll end up with the pink and brown nursery and cute baby named "Joe" because I just couldn't think of anything else and Daisy and Ingrid just wouldn't work. Craze just keeps coming up with absurd boy names. I can't remember the latest, but it was truly awful. And, if it's a girl, he says, we'll just call her Dave!

My husband is SO helpful.

One thing not breaking down this week: the stinky, big head foster dog. Bear got his one month follow-up exam post heart worm treatment and the vet pronounced him "as healthy as a dog that never had heart worm." Hurray! Potential adopters arrive to meet him tomorrow. I hope he will be on his best behavior and it will be love at first sight for both of them.

Here's wishing everyone a safe, happy and break-down free Memorial Day weekend!

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