Thursday, May 29, 2008

@ 10 weeks and 3 days

Back to the doctor today. Still have a couple little bleeds, but they are definitely better. Need to stay on my "being lazy" regime for baby's sake. Going in on Friday for some genetic testing to ensure all is ok.

Other than that a big laundry list of things going on (none of which covers actual laundry, unfortunately): Sink and toilets previously broken are fixed. Leaking bay window has now been deemed a roof problem not a window problem, so need to find and get roofing guy out here. Oh joy! Picky eater older relatives are now in the house, so I'm entertaining 24/7 with outings to Target, cable TV and a buffet of culinary blandness. Unexpected freelance opportunity has reared its ugly, though potentially profitable, head. Conference call tomorrow to discuss further.

Am bushed and need to hit the hay. Hurray--the most coveted part of the day!

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