Monday, May 19, 2008

Smelly, Big Headed Dog Seeks Adoring Owner

Me and babe still hanging in and hanging out. I've been doing a teeny bit of cleaning around the house, but nothing strenuous, in preparation for my visitors this coming weekend. Craze has been a big help, so that has been great.

And speaking of the weekend, some people from the southern burbs and their pooch, Wilbur, are coming to meet the stinky, big headed dog. I just hope that 1) they are good, responsible pet owners (they are both educated people, teachers in fact, and our email conversations regarding the dog have been very promising) and 2) that they fall madly in love with His Smelliness and want to adopt him for real.

In a way, I feel bad not wanting to keep Bear, but I keep thinking it's like a relationship. I knew from the moment in the shelter when I saw him in real life that he wasn't the dog for me. I didn't get that "I-must-never-be-parted-from-you" feeling like I got the first time I saw the Bug and also my house. But that said, I did feel bad about the conditions he was living in and was happy to help him recover from heart worm in my nice, cozy house so that he could eventually find a family who would, indeed, fall in love with him forever.

I'm sure he's going to be so sad when he finally leaves us. But I'm just hoping, hoping, hoping that someone will love his smelly, big headedness the same way I love everything about my little black, Border Collie-ish Bug (like the way that when she needs a bath she starts smelling like a bag of Fritos Corn Chips). In the end, that will make the Bear the happiest, ex-homeless dog ever. And that's all I ever wanted really where that furry guy's concerned.

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