Monday, March 12, 2007


Today I feel grateful.

I'm not sure if it's the unexpected sunshine and almost 60-degree temps, but I'm happy to be alive. I cleaned up my office. Walked the dog and then brushed out her long, border collie-ish fur. I'm grateful for the way she smiles when she's doing something she enjoys like walking or getting brushed. I love to see her turn her face toward the sun and close her eyes, enjoying the warmth on her black fur. I'm grateful I can afford to have pets and keep them healthy.

I'm grateful for my cozy little house. The way the kitchen curtains blow slowly in the breeze of the open window. The cheerful colors of my familiar walls: deep red, butterscotch, golden yellow and pale green like the center of an Andie's chocolate mint. I love the worn spots on the old '20s waterfall desk where I type this, the desk I bought for $17 bucks and fixed up. The desk that sits at the top of the stairs in that undefined area of our house. Not office, not bedroom, just a long open space in what used to be part of the attic.

I'm excited by the prospect of ironing. Smoothing out the lines of hankerchiefs and pillowcases. Bringing order to cotton. Breathing in the smell of hot fabric and steam. Weird.

I have renewed enthusiasm for my work which I do seated where I am right now. At home. By myself. With only the dog and the drone of the TV for company. It's good that people like what I do. Clients really think I'm smart and creative. It's such a pleasant change.

My life is so much better now than two years ago at this time when I had my own parking space just off of the Mag Mile and a huge office with a sweeping, 11th floor view of downtown Chicago. Life is quieter now. Less babble. More introspective. Less stressed. More joyful in simple, awe-inspiring ways. And no more crazy workaholic boss who liked to email me on major holidays and vacation days. The blackberry is long gone--praise the lord! Some other poor sap carries it around now.

For me, I carry around a lot less. And it's not just the blackberry. Less care. Less sadness about where my life is headed. I'm still not exactly sure where I'm going. But the sun is shining on the way there. And I'm grateful for that.