Monday, May 05, 2008

Food of the Day? Homemade Egg Salad

Maybe it's the protein? Though it smells and looks somewhat disgusting, it's a perfect nausea killer for me.

Other than keeping nausea at bay, I'm actually feeling better. More normal. Less exhausted. I'm hoping my consulting work gets busy again soon. I want to make as much $$$ this year as possible before baby time. I was just online looking at cribs and that stuff ain't cheap. Though, IKEA has a nice crib for $99--what a bargain!

I keep picking out baby boudoir stuff for a girl, so it will be a shocker if I have to revisit my mental design plans. I've always felt that if I had a child, it would be a girl. I even have a name I like. Just wait though. . .I'll probably find out before I know it that my pink and chocolate brown baby's room plans are up in smoke and I'll be going green (or yellow) instead of pink. I guess we'll find out soon enough but in the meantime it's a weird and exciting mystery.

Craze would like a boy. But with all brothers in his family (zero sisters) and the sole grandchild also male, I think it's time for a little lady in the Craze Clan. We shall see. If we have a girl, I think my mother-in-law (AKA, the Baby Stalker--that woman LOVES babies) just might combust from pure joy. That would be really fun to see.

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Ms. Mamma said...

What about chocolate and light blue? Good for either a girl or a boy.

Coincidentally, Dwell Studio did a line for Target and it is SUPER fab and adorable.

Cribs? I hear you! SF has a fabulous black four poster 'Bratt Decor' crib w/ white star finials. Pity he never slept in it. YET. It converted into a super cute toddler bed. It sits in his beyond cute room(grey walls) white woodwork and hand drawn Olivia the pig charcol drawings on the wall(I think there are pictures on my flickr in the set 'around the house' if you're interested.)

He also has the Bratt Decor changing chest which was really super handy before he could 'fwip ova'.

I really would invest in a good quality stroller though. I have both a bugaboo frog which was indespensible, light and compact with cat like maneuverability and a cute MacClaren foldable. the neat thing about the bugaboos is the basinett you can use when they're newborns. You can also get a Peg Perego infant carseat that attached to the chassis of the stroller which is convenient and cool. Gawd...maybe your relatives wil spring for a Silver Cross? Oh and a Baby Bjorn Active... True lived in his! Baby wearing makes a HUGE difference I think. And remember, if you can handle continued attachment, the boob is the way to go. I did it for over two years! THis coming froma girl who when she was 18 thought that was totally gross.

Ha Ha... I'll shut up now. XOXO