Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Make My Head Hurt

Just back from a meeting on my top secret project that is now on a tight timeline. My head hurts. Some people are just way too verbose. A particular woman I'm working with seems to truly love the sound of her own somewhat loud and authoritative voice. Don't get me wrong, she's smart. But not everything that comes out of that mouth is gold and many times she's just being repetitive and annoying. A little bullying even.

Sitting in the meeting with her, I actually scribbled the word "verbose" on my notes. I was hoping she would just stop and take a breath. I was finally freed from her lengthy discourse when she had to go to another meeting and pommel someone else with her sometimes, but not always, well-chosen words.

Finally, I am home again and back to the silence of just me and my computer. Ah. . .tranquility. . .thy name is not Blaine.

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