Thursday, June 26, 2008

Perfect for Me

On this day eight years ago, I talked to the man who would become my husband for the first time. He called me at 10pm on a weeknight in response to a phone message I'd left for him after reading his personal ad. We talked for six hours!

Four years later on this same date, I married him on the steps of a beautiful mansion on a lake in Michigan. I know it sounds totally corny, but it really was the happiest day of my life (except for the fake eyelashes I decided to wear--those drove me crazy!). I remember when I arrived at the wedding location, florists walked by me with boxes of flowers. In one box, was the most beautiful bouquet of white roses and green and white striped orchids. I thought to myself, "Wow, that's so beautiful. The girl who's getting that bouquet sure is a lucky bride."

And then, a second later, I realized that that beautiful bouquet was for me. That's when my wedding day seemed less surreal and I realized that, finally at 39, I really was getting married!

I don't remember the sky ever being more perfectly blue or any place looking more beautiful than my wedding location on that day. And I was so surprised at how Craze just smiled like mad through the whole ceremony.

Four years on, my marriage is certainly not perfect. We have our fair share of disagreements and squabbles. But we are always there for each other and I can't imagine life without my Craze. He is funny and infuriating, at different times thoughtful and thoughtless, imperfect in so many ways. . .but still perfect for me none the less. I love him like crazy. And I can't wait to see if my little baby boy looks just like his daddy.


Ms. Mamma said...

Cool! So you mean there is hope for me? I'm so very happy for you, Maggie!

Maggie Sumner said...

There's totally hope for you, Ms. Mamma! I feel it in my bones : )