Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh My God. . .or Dog I Guess

Ok, just when I'm counting the hours until the smelly, big-head foster dog leaves for his new life in the spacious, green suburbs, I get an email at 10:30 this evening saying the folks who have already paid the adoption fee and signed the contracts can no longer take him because of some unspecified family obligation.

I will repeat. . .Oh MY GOD!

I can't tell you how many emails I've answered in the past month specifying for them the info they requested about his training commands, specific foods he eats, good and bad habits, etc., etc., etc. They finalized the adoption a week ago and agreed to pick him up this Sunday and now it's all a no go.


Obviously, it's good that Bear is not going to a home with potential problems. As much as I'd like to see him go, I'm not willing to offload him to just anyone. I want to be sure he finds a really great family and environment and I really thought I'd found it with the two teachers. Guess again.

Anybody looking for a slightly limpy (he got hit by a car two years ago), sometimes smelly, fuzzy giant (ok, he really only weighs 70 lbs) with a head as big as yours, 4.5 year-old, heart-worm recovered Aussie Shepard? He really is a sweet animal and doesn't have too many bad habits--his worse probably being he'll very occasionally try to sneak a quick crouch sniff from the side of the bed while you're asleep. Nothing like a big wet nose up your butt to say "Rise and Shine."

Uh, anybody?

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