Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer Excitement This Weekend!

Big preparations are underway for all the goings on this weekend. First, the big birthday BBQ for Craze. House is clean but still need to buy and make more food--that's on today's agenda. Oh and make beds for my returning overseas guests and Craze's parents.

Secondly, the smelly big-head foster dog is being picked up by his new family on Sunday. After two months at our home, we will be sad to see him go and I'm sure he will be unhappy for a little while. That said, his new family are two teachers with a giant fenced yard in the burbs, a cute doggie brother that the Bear already took a liking to and they have the next three months off to spend acclimatizing Bear to his new home and family. And the best thing? I think the husband of the teacher duo is madly in love with Bear, which is what I always wanted.

Craze will be sad to see him go. He loves that smelly, furry giant of a beast but he also gets that with the baby coming it's not the best idea for us to keep him. I'm sure I will also be sad, too, but I'm also looking forward to regaining my smaller trio of pets and a less chaotic household.

Last, but certainly not least, Craze's unsuspecting parents are coming to the party completely unaware of the impending baby announcement. We'll be letting his parents and my brother and family all in on the secret at the party. Another birthday to celebrate coming up. Summer excitement all around!

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