Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being Thrifty. . .and Zitty

Today is all about tidying up and seeking out bargains.

I have to get a wedding present for some friends and think I will buy and wrap it myself to save the wrapping and shipping costs of buying online. Plus, I'm sure I have a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon around here somewhere that I can use. Yes, I'm being thrifty! I have errands to run at Target and think I might also check out Aldi where I haven't shopped since circa 1982.

I had a meeting on Tuesday with a potential new client that went pretty well, so we'll see if anything materializes. Otherwise, work has been dead as a doornail. Now that all my relations have flown the coop, I need to do some work and make some dough before the babe arrives in December. Fingers crossed something turns up. Clearly, I need to think of some ideas to stir the pot a little and remind folks I'm here.

Other than that, things are going good. I'm spotting again, but nothing major so I'm not too worried (and going to the doc for my regular appointment in a few days anyway) and yesterday I just put my feet up most of the day. I got my hair lopped off by the young Albanian again on Monday in preparation for my Tuesday meeting. It turned out pretty good. Something else that turned up for my Tuesday meeting? The beginnings of the biggest zit I've possibly ever had which has now taken over the right side of my nose. Lovely, right?

I look a little like a pregnant, Halloween witch with cute hair right about now. Nice. But, my pretty, I really don't care. I'm feeling good, if fatter, and the window is open with a cool breeze wafting my way and the sun is shining. How can that be bad?

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