Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Further Ass Washing Required

Easter was fun. Chocolate bunnies, Bellinis and all that.

My friend Ellen and her daughters came including the youngest who's going through the "I must poke you endlessly" and "Say the opposite of everything I mean" stage. Cute at first, but four hours later I tired of being poked and having to be so contrary every time I said something. Oh yeah, and did I mention the child is a dog chaser?

The Bug does not like kids one little bit and especially does not enjoy being chased by them. The poor dog was so terrified by the poking, backwards-talking chaser that she trembled in the kitchen corner for an hour and had diarrhea. After noticing a really unpleasant smell emanating from the dog's safety zone, Craze and I had to take her outside in the middle of our gathering to wash down her furry behind. Lovely.

Happy Easter every one!

I (and the Bug) breathed a BIG sigh of relief when our guests finally went home, leaving us to a quiet afternoon/evening of lazing on the couch and TV viewing. And, thankfully, no further ass washing was required.

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