Sunday, March 02, 2008

Double Yum Not Such Fun

Ok, my title is not entirely true. The experience was fun. The aftermath, not so much.

After driving out to Arlington Heights to our strip-mall destination, Sushi Station, we dove into the conveyor-belt-coming, sushi-grabbing, yum-yumminess of it all with reckless abandon. Unfortunately, several things we wanted to eat never came around on the belt and when we asked the somewhat surly Japanese waitress if we could just order them, she told us to wait for them to come around on the belt. Huh?

Finally, we gave up hope on the shrimp tempura and futo maki rolls steaming their way towards us while we indulged instead in Boston, San Diego, California, Texas and other geographically anointed rolls.

I even broke a cardinal rule of the belt by taking something off and then hurriedly putting it right back on. Here's a tip: unless they explicitly tell you it's chicken tempura don't be surprised when it turns out to be jellied squid salad. YUCK!

Craze was engrossed in the conversation to our right between a couple of 16-year-olds on a date. The girl was blond and lovely, with exaggerated Amy Winehouse maquiage. Her dinner companion was a gangly and somewhat dorky looking guy (bless him). Between the two of them, they discussed the merits of early versus later episodes of Rugrats and their hopes for the future. He wants to be a stand-up comedian. Ms. Winehouse's alter ego said that she may pursue psychology at college or just go to cosmetology school.

They were quite a hoot as they tried to make the best of the evening before their stated 11pm curfew. Sadly, then they left and soon, too, did we.

Since Craze had indulged in a really big bottle of Japanese beer, I took the wheel headed back to Chi-town. It was not long after hitting the highway, that I realized that something wasn't quite right in the stomach department. Needless to say, pulling up to the garage finally nearing home, I jumped out of the car, left Craze to park it and made a run for the house. I'll spare you the gory details only to say that much quality time was spent in our downstairs WC and I've been downing Pepto Bismal tablets ever since. And damn, people, I didn't even eat the jellied squid salad!

Something was clearly awry with our meal selections. As a result, my opinion of sushi on a train may have been derailed I fear. . . at least for the time being.


Ms. Mamma said...

Ooooooo, that's a hard one to swallow! Hope your feeling better...yet there's always the chance that you could be hopping on the belly train at any point with an introduction by could be preggo!

Maggie Sumner said...

No. No vomiting. And I don't think diarrhea is a leading indicator of pregnancy. . .sadly. . .in my case.

The sushi train has left the station I'm afraid where I'm concerned.