Thursday, January 03, 2008

Unmaking My Mess

The tree is still up but, sadly, the holidays, it would appear, are over. The advent of January (beyond the first of the month) has swept away all my excuses for relaxation, laziness or other more pressing holiday duties. Just need to get back to it, I guess.

So, I was back online looking for gainful employment opportunities this morning and shooting emails to a few contacts. My big project for the next couple of days is to finally clean up my office. It's a HUGE mess. I've been really lax about getting things together in there for months. But now, I feel like it's just holding me back.

Not to mention the fact that one of us (the human or furry inhabitants of my home) are likely to be crushed at any moment by a landslide of paperwork and miscellaneous stuff while innocently passing my desk. I couldn't have that on my conscience. Or all over the floor for that matter.

Now where did I put those new file folders I bought like seven months ago? I hope to god they're not at the bottom of the pile. That could be problematic. . .

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