Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's Time to Put Out a Hit on Cashmere Mafia

Trapped in my current doldrums, I turned to network TV to help lift my spirits this evening (usually a poor decision) and thought I'd give Cashmere Mafia a try. After less than thirty seconds I'd estimate, I found myself just wanting to bitch-slap most of the characters and tell them to get a real life.

As a woman, I find these dreadfully skinny, high-heel wearing, over-dressed, super successful "women" who still find time to meet with their friends for lunch and cocktails several times a week (and also have lots of fun sex when they don't have their noses to the grindstone) like some man's wet dream of what a successful woman is. I don't like them. I don't want to be like them.

Frankly, I found all but about twenty seconds of the whole program to be fairly nauseating. I think I might have actually thrown up in my mouth. Just a little.

I used to love Sex and the City even though it also had no real bearing on my life. And coming from some of the same production team, I thought CM might be ok. But S&TC was much more compelling and clever. And when it comes to Cashmere Mafia, as my British mother used to admonish me, "It's not smart. And it's not clever."

If these women truly are part of some kind of "mafia," I hope some rival family takes them out. . .real soon.

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