Monday, August 11, 2008

On an Admin Roll!

I think I'm on a roll!

After a wedding weekend that included dancing, cake eating and chatting with goofy, wedding guests (the goofiest, the former boyfriend of the bride who told not-so- flattering stories about the bride and their drugged up Vegas visit to anyone who would listen), I got back in organizational mode this morning.

I tackled the giant mountain of accumulated mail that had piled up on my kitchen counter, sorted it, paid a few bills, organized my coupons, made a few calls, etc. It's really shocking the volume that was there and most of it 100% pure, recyclable junk. What a waste!

And I'm not talking about just the environmental toll, let's not forget the hours it's taken me to sort through the mess. Yikes! Seriously, I need to be more consistent about getting rid of stuff daily before it even hits the kitchen counter.

I even cleaned out my purse which had turned into something of a portable trash can.

Next stop: shredder. Ah, the joy that awaits me!

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