Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weight Watchers Online = MOST LAME-ASS Customer Service

I HATE Weight Watchers Online lame-ass customer service.

I went onto their site the other day to print out my weight tracker info and then cancel the account (since they don't offer a program for pregnant women and I've been wasting over $15 per month for nothing for the subscription fees). When I went online, I couldn't access any of my info (which dated back to 2002 or 2003 when I first joined the online program).

I contacted customer service and told them I wanted my weight tracker info and then wished to cancel my service. I mentioned that I couldn't follow the program as I was pregnant. . . Well. . .they heard the word pregnant and canceled my online account so fast it would make your head spin. However, they completely ignored my request for my weight tracker info. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Numerous emails back and forth, they have sent me everything EXCEPT my weight tracker info and, in their most recent missive to me, now claim my info isn't available due to my request to cancel the account.

Hey Weight Watchers! Is it a prerequisite for employment in your customer service department that you ONLY employ idiots with limited grasp of the English language??? It sure seems that way.

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