Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, On the Move!

Thankfully, I am way less cranky than during my last post! My husband is being less grumpy and more thoughtful and, generally, I'm feeling better.

Finally also, I've started feeling the baby moving around. I was freaking out a little because at 22 weeks, I couldn't be sure I was feeling any movement (even though I knew from my doc visits that he was moving around in there and his heartbeat was good). A few days ago I felt an odd sensation which has increased in the past few days. Baby is on the move!

Not surprising as two weeks ago an ultrasound showed the Crazelette weighing in at 14 oz. A new ultrasound two days ago showed he's shot up in weight to 1 lb 4oz. That's a 6-ounce gain in just two weeks. Wow!!!

Other than that, I'm busying myself doing baby laundry to start getting things organized for our December arrival. Through my garage sale and Craigslist shopping expeditions, I've put together an impressive collection of like-new clothes, blankets and other baby gear for a pittance compared to what it would have cost to buy it all new. I'm quite proud of my savvy shopping endeavours!

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