Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hip Dysplasia. . .

That's the verdict on the stinky-big-headed foster dog. Poor guy. We started giving him pain meds and glucosamine and chondroidine daily and he already seems somewhat improved after only a couple of days.

I'm worried that he's gonna end up costing us a fortune. And for that reason, I'd love to just ship him back to the rescue group. But the reality is, we've grown to love this broken-down, problem-plagued dog over the past three-plus months and I really believe that no one could give him a better life than we can--even if we can't afford a $10,000 hip replacement for him (at least not until I win the lottery or get a real high-paying job again).

Fingers crossed the meds work and his condition continues to get better and not worsen, since I guess he's now home to stay.


dakota said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog, I have one too for the same type of thing.Golden retriever from animal allies etc... It is you can visit and see what we have been going through since his fho surgery.We didn't do the total hip replacement.First it may only last up to ten years,second the other one is cheaper and I thought better for him in the long run.. Good luck

Ms. Mamma said...

Okay...I like your poem and Big Stinky is cute and makes the Bear look pretty happy. I hope he's okay and you are too. XO