Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Love a Good Deal!

For some reason, the elf (eyes lips face) make-up brand is having a crazy online sale. Pretty much everything on their website is $1. Yes, that's a buck an item! I ordered some stuff a couple of weeks ago that finally arrived yesterday. After reviewing my bargains, I stood in the kitchen dumbfounded and was all like "Hey dummy, why didn't you order more???"

So, today, I did.

I just ordered a boatload of cosmetics since mine are ancient and probably should have been tossed out ages ago. I also used an online coupon code (CAROLINA) and got 50% off the the first $15. That means that even with shipping, I got like 20 make-up items (lip gloss, blush, tinted make-up, nail polish, eye liner, even a pair of tweezers!) for $17. $17!!!!

Check it out yourself at eyeslipsface.com. Lordy, I love a good bargain!!!!

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