Monday, November 17, 2008

Snow Time and Food Fibs

The first snow came down yesterday. It snowed for quite a while but just a light covering to show for it. Most of it was gone with the sun this afternoon.

The snow is so much more dog friendly than the rain, not to mention more magical to look out at. Firstly, the dogs love going out in the snow versus when it's raining and they just look up at you as if to say "You want me to go out there, in that, and do what?!?!?" Also, they are so much easier and less messy to clean up covered in snow than rain. Yes, snow can be a dog-lover's delight as precipitation goes.

Craze went crazy (ha-ha) this weekend, catching up on numerous chores, buying home improvement supplies and doing load after load of stacked up laundry. Uh. . .where'd my real husband go??

Some more freelance work coming my way mid-week for which I'm thankful. This year has been such a bust in terms of my consulting biz that I'm thankful to make any money I can before the babe arrives this Christmas.

Beyond that job, my big undertaking this week is to get the house ready for our Thanksgiving guests. Craze's parents are coming for a few days which should be fun. His mother is crazy about all things organic though so I'm going to have to cast my frugal shopping ways aside momentarily and stock up on food and snacks at Whole Foods which is a) not in my neighborhood and b)not in my price range at the moment. Oh well. . .what are you gonna do? I may hide some labels before she comes though and fib about the all-out organic-ness of my kitchen contents if pressed. (Crossed fingers behind back getting ready for action)

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