Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ventured Out of the House!

After holing up at home for days like one of those crazy old women you read about in tabloids who never leaves her home for 12 years, I finally went out today! Met up with a former work colleague for a sushi lunch and then it was off to Target to pick up odds and ends (mostly dog and cat food).

It was super hot here yesterday, but today is decidedly cooler which suits me just fine. This past weekend, Craze and I did a few small projects around the house AND actually started the front porch painting which I've been bugging him about all summer. The porch railings have been primed and painted once, just one more coat to go and then on to the porch and steps. I'll be so happy when we're done!

I was going to go out today to try and get the second coat in, but it's a little rainy. Bummer. Rain, rain go away. Let me paint the porch today!

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Ms. Mamma said...

Sounds excellent! I hope you have a wonderful, enjoyable autumn with your love and the wonderpups!