Monday, September 15, 2008


A little over a week ago, I got the bad news that I had failed miserably at my one-hour glucose test which meant I potentially had gestational diabetes. So, in order to get the skinny, I had to do a three-hour test that involved more drinking of their nasty Hawaiian-Punch-on-speed glucose drink after a special three-day diet followed by a 13-hour fast. Oh yeah. And then there was blood letting. They took blood four times. In fact, so much blood that I still look like I have track marks on my right arm!

Anyway, given my dad's history of diabetes, I was not hopeful about my results. But then today I got the call. . . and I PASSED!!!!!! In fact, the nurse on the phone said my results were "perfectly normal."

You can't imagine my elation. I actually screamed out loud with joy while still on the phone with the doctor's office. I am SO HAPPY!

Hurray for me not being diabetic! Craze, my little babe and I are all pleased as punch. . .just not Hawaiian Punch!

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