Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Thank You, 2009

As I have said before, 2009 was a trying, stressful, amazing, wondrous and pivotal year for me. The end of a life-changing decade really. For it was in 2000, that I met Craze and the rest is crazy history. Here we are in our little house in Chicago with a gaggle of furry children and one real boy. Wow! Who would have thunk it?

This time last year, I had fallen head over heels in love with my Little Mouse, a barely-one-month-old cheerful, robust and amazing child with a broken arm (from his "I AM STUCK!" arrival into the world). We were broke yet cheerful. Unsure of most things but sure in the fact that everything would, eventually, be just fine.

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds," I kept reminding myself. And so it is.

The end of the year finds us richer in so many ways. . .financially better off, a stronger, more honest couple, parents who actually know what they are doing, warm and happy, looking forward to finding ways to better ourselves and our family in the year ahead.

I might not have won the MegaMillions, but I remind myself daily that in so many ways I have won the lottery. A handsome man I actually like hanging out with who makes me laugh often. A healthy, happy child born at my advanced maternal age. New-found career opportunities that have kept us out of the poor house (and, miraculously, allowed me to work from home and see my child almost all day, every day). A cozy and warm place to rest our heads. A wealth of blessings, indeed.

I guess that leaves me with only two wishes for the New Year. Firstly, that every child can be loved by someone as much as I love my child. And secondly, that those who are still suffering from the bad economy or other unhappy events, can share in some of my good fortune in the new year.

And I mean it when I say, "Happy New Year" to one and all.

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