Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fast Approaching: The Great Purge of 2010!

While my mom-in-law may be losing it in the brain department, I, thankfully, continue to "lose it" in other ways. Having started Weight Watchers the week before Thanksgiving, I actually lost 2.6 lbs over Christmas, bringing my total loss so far to 8 lbs.

Hurray for me!

I have a lot to lose but I've decided that my goal is just 5 lbs. If I can lose 5 lbs (only 2 lbs more to go until I reach my second 5-lb loss!) again and again, that seems much more doable than trying to chip away at a giant number. And ever 5 lbs is a reason to celebrate. . .and then set a new 5lb goal.

My husband asked me my weight-loss goal today and I told him, "five pounds." He looked at me kind of funny and then when I explained my rationale, he told me that sounded pretty smart. I also told him that my ultimate goal is to be able to get up from the floor without feeling like I need a crane for assistance.

Yes, here it comes people, the GREAT PURGE OF 2010. We're going to be purging pounds along with pounds of miscellaneous stuff. Streamlining all around. And I'm pretty excited about it.

Let's see: 365 days, a big old bunch of weight to lose (100lbs+), and nine rooms, six closets, a basement, an attic and a garage full of stuff to sort, sell, donate, repurpose or toss. Can she do it?????

A 100 lb loss seems a little overly ambitious for one year (almost 2lbs per week, every week). But I'd be willing to commit to 50 lbs off in 2010 and all the unnecessary stuff gone.

That's a big job. Is she up to the challenge? Stay tuned to find out!

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Ms. Mamma said...

Thanks for lifting me up at just the time I needed it! You're "theee best"(said in Nacho Libre voice).

And I know you can do it...and you will. Here's to goals and good karma in 2010 for you and yours. xo