Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wasted Easter

I'm so annoyed. Today has been an absolute waste of a holiday.

The one thing I said I wanted to do today was go out to eat. I told my husband this repeatedly in the past weeks. The one thing he wanted to do was watch hockey. Live. At the stadium.

I told him we didn't have $60 or $100 laying around for him to go watch a hockey game that he could watch on TV. And besides, if we had any extra money, it seems to me that it's more fair to use it so we can both go out to eat since that's something we never do anymore and guess who's the person at our house responsible for ALL the cooking ALL the time. Yes. That would be me.

So as it's ending up, my husband didn't go to the game. But my requests to go out to eat were repeatedly ignored. It's 6:10 pm and unless I choose to make dinner right now, we won't be eating anything today. And for some reason, on the holiday, my husband has taken a mad fit in his head to run around in his underwear cleaning the house. Cleaning the house. In his underwear. On Easter Sunday. Huh. . .

Could have been done yesterday, when he did absolutely nothing (except watch more hockey), but no. None of our families decided to include us in their Easter plans today and it seems that goes for Craze, too. It's no wonder I just decided to give up on the day a few hours ago and go take a nap when the baby went down.

I'll be glad when this day is over.

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