Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Magic of Neosporin

Okay, a little warning: My post today might seem somewhat gross, but I have to share. Here goes. . .

Ever get one of those things in your nose, like a scratch or cut that just won't heal. Often after a bad cold and clearly made worse by winter's dry air? Well, I had such a spot just inside my left nostril for months. MONTHS I tell you. Three at least, maybe four. Every time I'd move my face in a certain way or wriggle my nose, I'd feel it. Uncomfortable. Abnormal.

I tried saline spray to keep the area moist. Didn't help. Figured time would heal. Still, nothing.

Then I had to go to the dermatologist recently for an odd-looking mole and while in the office, I hit him with my nasal issue. Peering inside my nose with a light and a little wooden stick, he said, "Have you tried putting Neosporin on it?"

Huh. . .no. Indeed I had not.

Well, it was like a little miracle in a tube. Two applications of generic triple antibiotic ointment with a Q-tip over a 2-3 day period and my little problem is completely healed. COMPLETELY HEALED. After 3-4 months of waiting for it to heal otherwise and feeling the daily discomfort of this annoying nasal thing all I needed was a couple little dabs of neosporin. Wow. I really am amazed.

Now I'm wondering. . .do you think it will have the same affect if I just sort of smear it on other parts of my face or body every now and again. Beginnings of crow's feet. Bam! Baby-making stretch marks. Pow! Come on Neosporin. Do your best!

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