Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Limp Wristed Milk Maker, That's Me!

It is confirmed.

So, even though I have had no consulting jobs in months that require long hours of typing nor have I taken to jackhammering concrete to make ends meet, I still have carpal tunnel in both of my hands. And it's really quite annoying.

The nurse practitioner at the doctor's office assured me that it's just due to pregnancy fluid retention and should go away after delivery. Likewise, my need to arise hours before dawn and my new and frequent hot flashes are all a result of hormonal fluctuations since my body may start making milk any time soon.

Milk!?! I've been called a cow before (by a not-so-nice person) but I guess I really never imagined the day when I would be a source of dairy goodness. This pregnancy thing keeps getting weirder and weirder! Though, looking on the bright side, if the hot flashes keep up, we'll definitely be able to save on the home heating bill this winter.

Armed with the news of my milk-making abilities and new carpal tunnel diagnosis, I left the doctor's and high-tailed it over to Target to stock up on dog food, toilet paper and wrist splints which I now get to wear as part of my nightly boudoir attire (which already includes the most ginormous, stretchy and frequently mismatched PJ ensembles I could cobble together from stuff I already own. Need I remind you, "frugal" is, of late, my middle name).

Oh yeah, people. . .I'm getting sexier and sexier. . .


Ms. Mamma said...

You're funny! So what is a good hair color these days? I need some...I can't afford $100 from the hairdresser lately! So how did you score at KMart?

And...let me tell you...I BF SF for two years and about a month 2-3 months into it(breastfeeding), I had major problmes with my wrists because of the position I put my arm in when I fed him whilst holding my boob. It really REALLY hurt(the wrist). So I had to nurse him laying on my side and it went away. Just thought you might like to avoid it if you can! XO

Maggie Sumner said...

Well, since I have been dying my own hair on and off for about 20 years, I've tried most boxed colors and think that Loreal Excellence is my fave. Reliable color, not as drippy or messy as many of the others I've tried.

My double couponing expedition was a bit of a washout. I guess I never realized (since I don't shop there a lot) how grossly over-priced much of the K-Mart stuff is (household products, cosmetics, etc). So, many of the items I'd hoped to make big savings on were way overpriced to begin with and even with a double coupon isn't wasn't worth it. Bummer! I did still manage to buy $80 worth of stuff for $57 though, so it wasn't a total bust.