Monday, October 22, 2007

Woman Takes Eight Years to Board Train

I actually had an interesting job today. I spent the entire day brainstorming in a big group about airline frequent flier credit card rewards. Sounds a little bit mundane, you say? Well believe me, when you spend most working days brainstorming with yourself, dressed in pajamas, unbathed and talking only to the dog, being out of the house, showered(!) with a group of real creatives was a thrill.

And the biggest achievement of the day? I actually took the El and a CTA bus home from the loop. . .alone! I have lived in the city for eight years and, until today, I've never taken public transportation by myself! I AM SO LAME!!!!! What am I, ten?

My husband always looks at me like I'm crazy for not taking the train downtown more often, but I seriously have some kind of mental block about it. But it turned out ok. The train took a long time to come (as did the bus that followed), was super crowded, but it was fine. Not comfortable or speedy, but I got where I needed to go.

I'm not sure what my issue is/was about the CTA (that's Chicago Transit Authority for anyone who might read this and not hail from Chi-town) besides the afore-mentioned utter lameness. Sad. But I guess it's one short ride for woman, one giant leap for public transportation. Uh. . .right. . .

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