Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Maggie Sumner Finally Puts Out

I've thought about doing this for so long. Why finally start today? Today's as good as any day, and I'm tired of all the words swirling around in my head. GET THEM OUT! I could claim that they were voices, but that would be needlessly dramatic and just plain wrong. . .

So, what am I going to talk about here? Things that matter to me. My husband. My dog. What I think about the world. The fact that how we use all this new technology isn't necessarily making our lives better, richer. I guess I'm just gonna be putting ideas out there to see if they strike a cord with others. Some ideas will be BIG. Others may be mind-numbingly small. Whatever I write, I'm hoping that it will be honest, mostly grammatically correct and that at no point will I be precious or overly annoying (fingers crossed on that last one). And as much as I have a high regard for niceness, I can't promise that I won't sometimes overuse sarcasm. Sorry, it's just my inner conflict peaking out.

Today is damp and dreary in Chicago. I think Fall, my favorite season, has been officially cancelled this year and I'm saddened. We had snow last week. I don't ever remember seeing snow in October. I can remember plenty of youthful years where my carefully planned Halloween costume (the year of Cleopatra, in particular) was ruined by the needed addition of outerwear, but snow? Nah. And to make matters worse, I woke up with that horrible scratchy-throat-stuffed-up-right-nostil feeling. A cold may be on its way. How fitting in keeping with the official cancelation of Fall.

Besides my aching, mucus-packed head, I'm somewhat consumed by the news that Madonna is trying to adopt a little boy named David from Malawi. I can't help but think that either this kid's life has been ruined or he's the luckiest boy in the world. I find myself wondering about the rightness of a celebrity arriving god-like and plucking this tiny soul from obscurity and changing his life forever. And who gets to decide if that's ok? Probably some nameless Malawi official. Maybe it's just destiny. Or maybe it's just plain wrong. I'm hoping the kid falls into the "luckiest boy in the world" category, but only time will tell. Either way, whether she adopts him or not, his life will now never be the same. Either he's always going to be the kid who Madonna almost adopted and be constantly reminded of what he missed out on, or he's going to be Madonna's son and wonder about the place and the people he came from who have no connection to his affluent life in the celebrity microscope.

And speaking of kids, I'm still pondering whether or not to try to have one of my own. Let's face it, I'm old in the world of first pregnancies. . .maybe already way too old. And while I like children and enjoy their company, I'm usually happy to pass them back to their parents and be on my way. Every time I think of all the great ways that having my own child might enrich my and my husband's life, I'm also so aware of how it would change EVERYTHING. And that, in turn, makes me appreciate how much I love my dog, Bug, even more. Can't she be enough? Craze is indifferent to the idea of being a father. In fact, indifferent isn't really even right. He actively avoids any discussion of the subject. Hello! He doesn't want to be anything but a doggie daddy. But that's really no surprise, I've pretty much known that since I met him. And I've always been somewhat ok with that.

Ah, life's big decisions. . .they are indeed weighty.

And my final thought for the day: I'm distressed that American Pie (the song not the stupid movie franchise) is now the advertising theme for a Chevy. Clearly it is lyrically appropriate ("drove my Chevy to the levy. . ."), but it just seems plain wrong. And I drive a Chevy for god's sake! But wrong on so many levels.

Maggie Sumner again distressed by the commercialization of her childhood soundtrack.

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