Thursday, March 04, 2010

13 Days: Down, but Not Out

13 days. That's how long I've been sick so far. Headache, sore throat, tooth pain, face pain, runny nose, cough, tired all the time.


Every day I think it's getting better and then it's just not. Finally going to doc today to see if I need some pharmacological help.

In the interim on the work front, my last month of new biz development (retainer work) is now concluded. The people I've been working for are being really weird. They sent me a new contract and I just don't feel like I want to sign it. I'm torn between the opportunity that they might have work for me to do (though to date, none of the work I've done for them has been particularly engaging or creatively rewarding) and the fact that they just seem sort of slimy and unethical. I got an email from one of the partners last night that sounded like their lawyer drafted it. Weird for such a small company. They are secretive and strange. Not sure that's a game I wish to play. Not even the BIG agencies I've worked for in the past have been so legalistic (if that's even a word) and odd.

I had high hopes for this, so it's a bummer that it's turning out to be not so great. I'm still not sad I turned down the other job I got offered though, as doing this has allowed me to work from home for the past 8 months. Key when baby Henry was so small (though now 15 months).

I wish I could gear myself up with confidence and optimism to just go out and tackle the world, but at the moment, I'm just too tired. Thank you, weird work colleagues. I think all the stress you've caused me over the past month has compromised my immune system. And thanks Winter 2010 virus, think you delivered the knock out punch.

Down, but eventually, not out...just need some more fluids, antibiotics and a nap or two.

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